YouTube’s Top Earner Is Eight Years Old And Made $26 Million This Year

Eight year old Ryan Kaji has out-earned everyone on YouTube for the second year in a row. Kaji made an estimated $26 million this past year according to Forbes.

In the previous year Kaji and his parents were estimated to have made $22 million according to Forbes. That $22 million made Kaji the highest earner on YouTube in 2018.

Forbes’ list is based on pre-tax income derived from things such as sponsored content, advertisements, merchandise sales and tours.

Kaji owns the YouTube channel Ryan’s World which has 23 million subscribers. On his channel he and his parents release daily episodes where they open gifts and assess them.  

Due to his astronomical success on YouTube Kaji has also been able to diversify and cash-in on his massive following. 

In 2017 he signed a deal that would see the content on his channel repackaged and made available to stream on Amazon and HULU.

In a partnership with Walmart, Kaji and the American multinational retail corporation launched a series of items around Ryan’s World that’re offered exclusively at Walmart. 

The partnership has seen the production of various children’s toys like cars, slime and action figures as well as the launch of a clothing line.

Nickelodeon released Ryan’s Mystery Playdate in April of this year. The show is a live-action series aimed at young viewers which focuses on Kaji and his parents performing a series of challenges.

Second to Kaji on the list was the channel Dude Perfect. This group of five friends that play sports and do stunts made $20 million.

In third was five year old Russian Anastasia Radzinskaya who managed to make $18 million. She and her father have created multiple family-friendly YouTube channels which according to Forbes have around 107 million subscribers between them.  

PewDiePie came in joint seventh having made $13 million. The once highest-paid YouTube star has announced that the he plans on taking a break from the platform for the coming year stating that he feels “tired.”