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Walmart Is Taking A Page Out Of Amazon’s Book, Guess Which One…

01 March 2020

After constantly losing ground to Amazon over the years Walmart is planning to introduce a new service that will potentially rival Amazon Prime.

Walmart’s new service which will be referred to as Walmart Plus is going to be an expansion of the retailer’s existing grocery-delivery subscription service which was introduced in 2019.

Walmart Plus is projected to cost $98 a year and will offer unlimited same-day delivery of groceries from more than 1,600 Walmart retail stores.

Word has been circulating that Walmart Plus subscribers could benefit from discounts on prescription drugs and fuel, according to Recode, which first reported the existence of the program.

Walmart Plus’s offer may still pale in comparison to that of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime costs $119 per year and offers subscribers free shipping, music, TV, movies, and more.

When compared with Amazon Prime its clear to see that Walmart Plus’s offer still fails to compete.

Amazon currently has the lion’s share when it comes to online sales. 40% of online purchases in the US alone are made on Amazon.

Walmart, which is the second largest online retailer accounts for only 5% of online sales in the US.

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