Uber Announces Its Next Big Decision Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

21 April 2020

Uber is working strenuously to ensure its drivers are productive and compensated during the lockdown which has seen the company’s primary ride-hailing service become redundant.

Uber recently launched two new services which could be very significant for everyone during their quarantine. Named ‘Uber Direct’ and ‘Uber Connect,’ the two services are both delivery-based however they each have their own specific qualities which differentiate them.

Uber Direct will “Offer deliveries from shops like pharmacies and pet stores,” whilst Uber Connect “Is a same-day courier service to let Uber users send items to one another,” according ‘The Verge.’

Uber’s services will differ based on your location as well. In South Africa and New York for example Uber will be delivering medication whereas in Portugal it’ll be working hand-in-hand with the postal service to deliver general items.

The services in will begin in 25 cities across Australia, Mexico and the U.S.


Bongu Simelane

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