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Twitter Is Currently Testing A Disappearing Feature Similar To Instagram Stories

07 March 2020

Twitter has finally decided to create its own disappearing content feature with the announcement of “fleets” this past Wednesday.

Although still in its initial phase the fleet feature is expected to be very similar snapchat and Instagram stories.

Fleet’s will last 24 hours however they will not receive retweets, likes or public replies. A response to a fleet will solely be between the person who posted the fleet and the person who responded.

By clicking on a user’s avatar other Twitter users will be able to view each other’s fleets. Twitter has stated that fleets will not appear on a user’s timeline.

The introduction of the feature arrives as means of increasing user activity, confidence and freedom.

Given that Tweets last forever they tend to leave user’s fearful of sharing their thoughts which could later affect their lives, especially if the global perspective on a topic changes.   

Social media platforms have also become a very competitive space since their introduction. Therefore, Twitter is hoping that by hindering certain properties that’re on a standard tweet on its fleets it’ll reduce the constant pressure that user’s place themselves under before sharing anything.

In a statement concern the fleets Kayvon Beykpour, an influential figure at  Twitter, shared that, “people often tell us that they don’t feel comfortable Tweeting because Tweets can be seen and replied to by anybody, feel permanent and performative (how many Likes & Retweets will this get!?).”

“We’re hoping that Fleets can help people share the fleeting thoughts that they would have been unlikely to Tweet.”

Fleets are currently being tested by Twitter solely in Brazil.

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