“Tiger King” Being Made Into A Comic Book By TidalWave

22 April 2020

The trending Netflix Documentary series “Tiger King” is being made into a comic book, according to TidalWave Productions.

The series which covers the story of the now imprisoned zoo owner Joe Exotic and his battle with Carole Baskin, an animal activist (specifically big cats), will be written by Michael Frizell and illustrated by Joe Paradise.

Speaking about the upcoming comic, author Michael Frizell shared, “You can’t make this stuff up. I never imagined I’d be researching a book like this…”

“I just remember starting to watch the show saying to myself, ‘Yeah that tracks.’ We all have Joes and Caroles in our lives, and it’s always interesting to me to learn how these extreme characters got to be where they wound up.”

According to TidalWave’s announcement on Tuesday, the 22 page comic book will be released in June and will be a part of the “Infamous” series of pop culture comic books.



Bongu Simelane

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