Jeff Bezos said he would fund scientists, activists and non-profit groups and that he was confident “we can save Earth”

Merkel Contributor

The Story Behind Jeff Bezos’s Earth Fund

18 February 2020

For a very long time now, Amazon employees have been piling pressure on their employer to do more in the fight against climate change and after Jeff Bezos’s most recent announcement it appears their efforts are paying off.  

On Monday, the Amazon CEO announced the establishment of the ‘Bezos Earth Fund.’ He went on to share that he would be committing an initial $10 billion to the fund which is meant to aid scientists, activists and organizations working towards creating solutions for climate change.

During his announcement on social media, Jeff Bezos stated that his desire is to “work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change.”

Amazon is currently working on ways to be greener as a company and have a long term goal of being carbon neutral by 2040. In the short term, however, the retail giant plans to deploy 100,000 electric delivery vans by 2024.

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice has been the group most responsible for applying the pressure their employers. 

Some Climate justice group members have lost their jobs and received threats of termination due to their actions from senior management.