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The Latest Installation To The Bond Series Will Now Premier In November

05 March 2020

The release date for the next edition of the Bond series has been postponed yet again.

“No Time to Die,” which will also be Daniel Craig’s final movie as 007, will now be released in November.

MGM, Eon and Universal have confirmed that the movie will be available in UK cinemas from the 12th of November and 13 days later it will reach cinemas in the US.

Initially the 25th edition of the 007 series was meant to be released in November last year. However, due to multiple setbacks the release date was moved from November 2019 to February 2020.

Thereafter, MGM, Eon and Universal decided to change the date of the premier from February to April, and now they’ve opted to release the movie in November.

In a statement from representatives of the 3 studios responsible for the movie, the reason for the most recent change in the release date was shared with the public.

Representatives stated the recent change comes as a result of “careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace.”

With the risk of the coronavirus spreading, people have been advised by governments and health practitioners to stay away from crowded areas.

In some countries recreational areas have been closed off for safety purposes.

Unfortunately, the Bond franchise accumulates a great deal of its profit from international markets. Figures for the last four films of the franchise showed that 70% of the gross came from outside of the US.

Hence, the most recent postponement of the release will benefit everyone at this very moment.

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