It’s easy to envision where you’d like to be in the future, what you’d like to live like and how much you’d like to be worth at that point. You can reach there with time of course, however, how are you prepping now in order to get there.

What you’re doing today is what’s most important. In order to see the bigger picture you must already have somewhat of a vision. It’s nearly impossible to get the mind-set of someone who views things the right way and for what they are when you don’t read books written by established people in the field that you’d like to enter. What those books do is give you the best way to go about succeeding and if you remember one of our little secrets from one of the previous stages of this series, you’ll fully comprehend why books aren’t free. All you need to do is find books that are for what you’re working on and everything that you’d need in order to place yourself at a point where you can see things for what they are will be available. Learning about something before engaging in it is thee one way in which you are guaranteed that you’ll succeed in it. Of course after you’ve received your key you now need to go about identifying the doors to unlock.

You’ve been told about goal setting your whole life and you’ll learn about it here as well. Goals are that important that you can’t avoid them wherever you go, especially if you want to improve at something. If you don’t like the term ‘goals’ then change the terminology that you’re using, call it target setting or a challenge, whichever term you’d like to use, just make sure that what you’re looking to achieve is specific. When you’re specific it makes you more determined and the one way to always make sure that you remember something is by writing it down and placing it where you look every day. However, let that place be one where not only you can see what your targets are, but everyone around you can as well, let anyone that comes into your space be able to see what you’re looking to achieve and in that way you’ll be more inspired to do so.

Your goals should be in relation with each other and lead up to one major goal. From the beginning, throughout the middle and all the way to the end, you should have a clear idea of how you’ll go about achieving your vision, whether that’s in weeks, months or years. Writing something down is only one stage or better yet, it is just a part of what you need to do and the rest comes from action. Goals aren’t any easy thing to accomplish, they take time and require attention, which is why not everybody has them or even goes through with them. Those who see the big picture know how important it is that they have goals and because of that it becomes simpler for them to immediately envision they’re next moves and how they can end up succeeding in multiple ways. The goals that you have will keep you motivated to succeed.

Motivation is something that’s necessary for everyone. A truth about it is that if you want it to last for a long time then you have to create it. Lasting motivation is not found on internet videos instead, it should come from within, from a place of hard work and from one of desire as well. Keep on doing something over and over again and you’ll have all the motivation you need. Always remember that it’s all about time and you need to be willing to sometimes play the long game even when you know that you shouldn’t be.

There are ways to go about handling every possible obstacle that you might encounter. Everything that you’ve learnt throughout this series allows you to do so, although you do need to make peace with the fact that setbacks do come about and you are responsible for not letting them hold you there.

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