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The Gates Foundation Is Backing A Program To Aid Seattle Residents With Coronavirus

08 March 2020

According to a report from the Seattle Times, The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will be funding a program that will provide families with the opportunity to do at-home tests for the coronavirus.

The program will see families in Seattle use nose-swabs to test for the virus. Thereafter, the swabs will be presented to doctors who will assess whether or not individuals have the virus.

Individuals with samples that return positive for the virus will be monitored and requested to assist in the containment of the virus. According to the Seattle Times report, individuals that test positive will be requested to respond to an online questionnaire as well as share information on the places that they recently visited.

The goal of the program after it’s been introduced is for it to assist 400 families every day. However, it isn’t entirely clear at this moment when the program will begin, since it isn’t yet complete.

Seattle is currently the state with the highest number of reported cases and deaths in the US. At the time of this writing Seattle has 75 confirmed coronavirus cases and has already suffered 15 deaths as a result of the virus’s presence.

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