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The Fires That Ravaged Australia Have All Finally Been Extinguished

04 March 2020

According to the New South Wales fire department all of the fires in the Australian state have been extinguished.

The fire department’s report marks the end of an inferno that had been ravaging through massive parts of Australia for more than 240 days.

During the 240-plus day period the fires caused the deaths of 28 people, the loss and complete destruction of approximately 3,000 homes and although the exact figure hasn’t been uncovered concerning animals, near a billion are believed to have been affected.

Torrential rains over the past few weeks have assisted immensely with the fire department’s efforts to contain the massive fires.

A report from the fire department stated that over one weekend the rains had managed to stop over 30 fires throughout the country.

However, the downpours weren’t entirely positive. Consequently, they brought major flooding, damaging winds and in New South Wales led to the closure of multiple schools and the evacuation of numerous towns.

Although fires are a natural phenomenon during Summer in Australia, the recent event was more extreme due to the lengthy drought and extreme temperatures that the country had already been experiencing prior.   

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