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The ATP and WTA Suspend Professional Tennis Competitions Until June

19 March 2020

Given the ongoing challenge being faced globally the governing bodies for both the men’s and women’s professional tennis competitions have called for the suspension of all tournaments until June 7.

The governing bodies shared via a statement that, “The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to professional tennis demand greater collaboration than ever from everyone in the tennis community in order for the sport to move forward collectively in the best interest of players, tournaments and fans;” hence the decision for the postponement of the events taking place before June 7.


Unfortunately, the recent postponement of upcoming tennis competitions means “all ATP and WTA tournaments in the Spring clay-court swing will not be held as scheduled.”

According to the ATP and WTA the suspended events will include, “The combined ATP/WTA tournaments in Madrid and Rome, along with the WTA events in Strasbourg and Rabat and ATP events in Munich, Estoril, Geneva and Lyon.”

In addition to the decision to suspend tournaments that’re meant to take place before June 7 the ATP and WTA have determined that the “FedEx ATP Rankings and WTA Rankings will be frozen throughout this period and until further notice.”


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