An aerial photograph of a part of the world's most valuable company. Image from Arabian Business

Saudi Aramco Has Lost $200 billion Amid US-Iran Tensions

The ongoing situation between the USA and Iran is affecting Saudi Aramco drastically.

Even though oil prices have recently risen the value of the company has kept declining.

Since the company had its IPO last year its value has already dropped another $200 billion.

Investors have been choosing to distance themselves from the Saudi Arabian company due to the potential conflict between the US and Iran which could also affect Saudi Arabia.  

Besides being a close ally of the US in its region, Saudi Arabia is considered by Iran as one of its foes.  

For those reasons the country is at a very high risk of being attacked by Iran.

It’s believed that Iran could attack the country’s infrastructure or it could attack through cyber attacks.

In 2012 Saudi Aramco experienced one of the worst cyber attacks to ever occur. 35,000 computers had been partially wiped or destroyed by hackers.


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