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Samsung Is Aiming To Dethrone Tesla Motors In EV Battery Industry

14 March 2020

Although the final product isn’t yet ready for production, Samsung has announced that its engineers have developed an electric-car battery that will eclipse the mileage achieved by the currently available batteries.

Samsung has stated that its new electric-car battery will enable drivers to reach a distance of up to 500 miles or roughly 804 kilometres within a single charge.

The breakthrough innovation will also boast the ability to withstand approximately 1,000 charging cycles.

According to Autoblog, “The technology relies on an anode (which, in simple terms, is the pack’s negative terminal) made with a silver-carbon composite. This solution increases the battery’s energy density while allowing engineers to reduce the pack’s physical size by about 50% compared to the ones made using today’s lithium-ion technology.”

Currently, Tesla Motors has the most effective battery with a mileage of 390 miles. Therefore, if Samsung’s claims are true Tesla Motors’ car mileage would pale in comparison.


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