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Reports State koalas Are Currently An Endangered Species

08 March 2020

Taking into account the area and damage caused by the fires in Australia it’s difficult to argue with a recent report stating that the Koala population is currently facing extinction.

The report stated that the minimum number of Koala deaths due to the fires in Australia would be roughly 5,000.

According to IFAW Wildlife Campaigner Josey Sharrad, “Koalas are particularly vulnerable to bushfires as they are slow moving and live in eucalyptus trees that burn quickly and intensely.”

Hence, “when fires sweep through their homes, they often don’t have time to escape, particularly in intense crown fires that rage through the treetops where they live.”

Until the exact figures are uncovered, hopefully be within the next year, under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act of 2016 Koala’s will need to be highly protected and made to breed until their safe from potential extinction.

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