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Real Madrid Players Quarantined & Spanish Football Suspended

13 March 2020

The organizers of Spanish Football’s top flight league, ‘La Liga Santander’, have called for the suspension of football matches following the current situation at Real Madrid.  

The club from the Spanish capital recently announced that both its basketball and football team players had been quarantined.

It was after one member from the basketball team tested positive for the coronavirus that Real Madrid chose to quarantine both of its teams.

Due to the football players sharing the same facilities with the basketball players all the members of both teams needed to be tested to ensure their health.  

The statement from the club shared, “We have initiated the recommendations to start a quarantine for both the basketball team and the football team, given that the two teams share facilities in the Training Center.”

La Liga confirmed on Thursday that it will suspend the next 2 matchdays whilst Real Madrid and other clubs assess the health of their players and staff.

The suspension will occur in Spanish Football’s second division as well as per La Liga’s statement.


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