Putin Claims Russia is leading The Way In Hypersonic Weaponry

On Tuesday in a meeting with top military brass, Russian President, Vladmir Putin, took pride in noting that Russia were first to deploy hypersonic missiles, something not even the US and China have managed to achieve.

Putin highlighted that it was the first time in history that Russia were leading the world in the development of a new breed of weaponry.

Previously, in the times of the Soviet Union, they had been behind their rival the United Stated in the development of weaponry.

“Now we have a situation that is unique in modern history when they are trying to catch up to us,” he said. 

“Not a single country has hypersonic weapons, let alone hypersonic weapons of intercontinental range.”

The US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said in August that it’s “probably a matter of a couple of years” before the U.S. is able to develop similar weapons, and U.S. defense officials have warned Congress about the possible difficulties of tracking such technology if Russia and China are able to develop it.

Avangard, the “weapon of the future, capable of penetrating both existing and prospective missile defense systems,” will be deployed this month according to Putin.

The weapon is impossible to intercept due to its ability to change course and altitude midway through its trajectory.

The Kremlin have prioritized military modernization amid growing concerns in the past months.

Putin on Tuesday described a buildup of NATO’s forces near Russia’s western borders and the U.S. withdrawal earlier this year from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty among top security threats.