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Pharrell Williams Is Requesting Nearly $17 Million For His Beverly Hills Mansion

07 March 2020

In 2018 Pharrell Williams purchased a truly impeccable work of art from the movie Producer Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry had placed his then Beverly Hills mansion up for sale and the spectacularly designed home caught the eye of Pharrell who purchased it for $15.6 million.  

Two years later however Pharrell is now looking to sell the home as well, only his price is slightly higher than he purchased the home for.

The Beverly Hills mansion is currently on the market for $16.95 million although let’s find out what that amount will give you (courtesy of Arch Digest):

  • Firstly, the home sits on 4 acres of land atop the Hills which enables you to gaze upon Los Angeles from your vantage point.
  • The mansion has a total number of 10 bedrooms as well as 11 bathrooms
  • A game room entirely lined on one side by sharply angled glass walls and anchored by an architecturally daring wood-burning fireplace
  • A formal dining room, which is decorated by a rock chandelier.
  • Upstairs, many of the guest bedrooms feature interconnected balconies.
  • The airy front entranceway has a reflecting pool and a number of overlapping stone marble staircases.
  • Finally, there’s A 200-foot driveway to a court with enough room for 30 vehicles

The glass and steel home which was designed and completed in the early nineties is truly spectacular.

It’s a wonder why nobody seems to be able to stay in it for very long.

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