Tadiwa Katsande


Online Challenges Could Lead To One Of The World's Most Popular Games Losing Its Appeal

08 July 2020


This week gamers on PS4, Xbox One and PC’s have been having trouble playing the highly coveted GTA V online. Players have been struggling to find online lobbies, continuously getting kicked off the server or completely unable to connect to the server.

One gamer went on to say, “I am having problems staying connected to other players.” Some of the error messages I have seen include: saving failed, session timed out or ended due to an unknown network error.

This appears to be the consensus amongst gamers across the platforms. Rockstar Support has been attempting to offer assistance by asking gamers to check the server status, internet connection speeds, and any scheduled maintenance. Although the articles from the support team appear to help some players, the majority of players disagree as only 1,678 out of 10,232 answered the feedback saying they found the article useful.

An independent game server monitor known as, Down Detector, has been receiving numerous reports from players struggling to use the online GTA V. The online server experienced one of its worst outages in May when the game was made free to purchase for a week, ending on the 15th of May 2020.

 Days after the free week to purchase the game ended Down Detector recorded over 3,000 reports of gamers being unable to access the online feature.

Although the game has experienced worse outages in the past when compared to last week, gamers are slowly becoming more infuriated at the repetitiveness of the situation.

Many players have been using Down Detector as a place to express their anger and frustration.

Some gamers have shared:

“I’m giving up with GTA online. Most sessions I now go on have no other players. Takes forever to get people to join heists. And the servers keep on not saving. Loading times are also getting longer and longer. Had enough of GTA online. Signing out of my account and won’t be going back for it!”

“I’m kinda fed up that I can’t play GTA online in couple days. Can u fix in Northern Ireland? Thanks.”

“No surprise this games servers are down again.”

Continuous declines in gamer satisfaction affect the game in regards to a drop in the number of players actively playing online. Fewer players online mean that Rockstar sees a decrease in players buying Sharkcards, which leads to less revenue. Sharkcards, are an additional purchase gamers make to supply them with more funds in the game.

However, Rockstar aims to retain gamers by offering discounts and bonuses as an incentive to play the game. One discount which many gamers are excited about this week is the flying bike correctly named the “Oppressor Mk2.” The bike hosts abilities to fly, countermeasures to avoid detection, and missiles to obliterate any opponents in your path.

The discounts on GTA V Online are limited to a week and reset every Thursday, which leads to the increasing number of players every week.

Gamers will be happy to know that recent data appears to be promising and shows fewer reports concerning problems accessing the online features. Comments on downdetector.com have recently been more positive, and Rockstar Support shared that the server was running at its optimum level.

“Looks like they back on…my game saved and I jumped lobby.”