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Nigeria Will Close Its Doors To Travellers From 13 High-Risk Countries

18 March 2020

Nigeria has chosen to prohibit the entry of travellers from 13 countries due to the high number of reported coronavirus cases they have in their countries.

Amongst the country’s from which travellers will be barred entry into Nigeria are unsurprisingly China and Italy. Although China has been succeeding in its efforts to contain the virus travellers from the country will still place inhabitants of others countries that they may visit at risk.

Italy, however, has struggled to deal with the coronavirus and continues to do so. The European nation currently has the second highest number of reported cases with 35,713 at the time of this writing and has been forced enforce a nationwide lockdown as an attempt to limit the rapid pace at which the virus has been spreading

The remaining countries that Nigeria has barred entry from are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, the United States, Iran and South Korea; all of which have over 1,000 reported cases of the coronavirus.  

On Wednesday via a tweet the Nigerian National Centre for Disease Control shared that, “the Federal Government of Nigeria has also suspended the issuance of visa on arrival to travellers from these countries. All travellers returning from these countries prior to the restriction will be in supervised self-isolation, monitored by the NCDC and Port Health Services.”

Nigeria will begin its new policy on the 20th of this month in hopes that the decision will maintain the relatively low number of coronavirus cases in the country which are currently only eight.


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