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Nigeria Enters Its Second Phase Of Easing Lockdown Restrictions

03 June 2020

As countries from all around the world continue to ease their laws on mass gatherings that were put in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic Nigeria has opted to do the same, recently easing restrictions on places of worship as well as hotels.

During an announcement by Boss Mustapha, the Chairman of Nigeria’s Presidential Task Force, the Nigerian populace was informed that they would be able to visit Mosques and Churches, although only in controlled numbers. 

Mustapha went on to add that those planning on visiting places of worship would need to ensure that they take the necessary precautions.

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The Presidential Task Force, which is responsible for the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria, has requested that worshipers sanitize their hands, maintain proper social distancing and cover their faces with masks when they visit places of worship.

Mustapha did warn, however, that the nation would need to be vigilant stating, “Our advancement to phase two (of easing restrictions) does not mean that Covid-19 has ended as Nigeria has not reached the peak of confirmed cases.”

With a population of over 205 million people, Nigeria has only reported 10,819 cases of Covid-19. The African nation is yet to open schools, restaurants, and other services.


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