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McDonald’s And Nando’s Shut Down All Of Their Restaurants In The UK

24 March 2020

On Monday, both the McDonald’s and Nando’s franchises closed all their outlets in the United Kingdom in order to assist with the government’s efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The UK recently announced measures that’re meant to reduce the risk of people getting infected. Much-like many other countries, the UK government has requested most of its inhabitants to remain at home and refrain from group meetings to ensure their safety.

On Friday, pubs and restaurants were ordered to close. However, the government did not demand that pubs and restaurants refrain from providing takeaway meals which do not require customers to gather within their outlets.

McDonald’s and Nando’s however concluded that due to the difficulties they had been facing when trying to ensure a safe working environment, the system recommended by government would not be a viable one. Hence, both the restaurants determined that they would close all of their franchises in the country until the situation became controllable.

Both McDonald’s and Nando’s franchises have a combined total of over 1,700 restaurants throughout the entire United Kingdom. A majority of the total are McDonald’s outlets.

In a statement McDonald’s shared that during this shutdown franchises that’re owned by McDonald’s will be pay employees for their scheduled hours until April 5 however “franchisees set their own pay and conditions for their employees.”


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