Bongu Simelane

Merkel Contributor

8 September 2020

LG Confirms The Official Reveal Date Of It’s Long-Awaited Wing Smartphone

Prior to an upcoming online reveal event on September 14, LG has confirmed that its latest smartphone will be named “Wing.”

The device is expected to have a host of features, one of them being the ability to support 5G. The Wing will also reportedly have a triple-rear camera array with a 64-megapixel primary sensor and run on a Snapdragon 7-series processor, according to reports from The Verge.

The smartphone’s main feature, however, will likely be its double screens that can swivel to form a T-shape.

In a press release, LG shared that the Wing will be the first product from its Explore project which is the company’s mobile category meant for “discovering new ways to interact with mobile devices, focusing on the evolving and ever-changing needs of today’s consumers and challenging established user norms.”

 The phone is rumoured to cost as much as $1,000.