Tadiwa Katsande

Merkel Contributor

02 August 2020

Leaked Images Of The Upcoming Playstation 5 Indicate That It’ll Be Customisable

On Monday Chinese forum, “bbs.a9vg,” published photographs of disassembled parts from the new PlayStation 5 (PS5) which suggest that the next-gen console could be easily customisable.

Since the photographs surfaced, rumours regarding the opportunity to personalise the device have increased. Speculation surrounding the matter has raised expectations that Sony will sell additional colours and covers.

At the very least, if the outer covers are not removable, or replaceable with new designs, the images indicate that console modifiers could be able to separate them from the hardware.

The Playstation 5 is noticeably larger than its predecessor, which is likely due to Sony’s intention to improve cooling and fan noise.

According to the company’s executive vice president of european business, Simon Rutter, PlayStation invested a “great deal of effort” in making the new consoles cooling system less noisy.

A report from Bloomberg earlier this year cemented the idea of the improvement when it stated, “Sony has implemented an unusually expensive cooling system in PlayStation 5.”

The PS5 had social media pages in a frenzy last month with released images of the console receiving with mixed reviews. Some compared the next-gen console to an oversized Wi-Fi router. In contrast, others commended Sony for creating a console with such a unique design.

Although the expected release date is still on track, despite Covid-19, Sony plan to produce fewer units in the first year when compared with previous consoles – likely due to the increased price.

The PS5 will potentially be available in November.