Garin Wilcock


25 July 2020

Landmark Deal Secures Bonus for UK Teachers

Teachers in England will soon receive their most significant pay increase in 15 years, following a recommendation by the independent School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB).

Base salaries for new teachers will rise by 5.5%, placing them between £1,341 and £1,677 per month depending on their location. The increase leaves the minimum wage for a newly qualified teacher at £25,714; £32,157 for those in inner London.

UK government is also aiming for all new teachers to start on at least £30,000 by 2022/23.

Upper and lower boundaries of pay for experienced teachers will go up by 2.75%, equaling an average increase of £1,250 for teachers, and £1,970 for headteachers.

The rise in pay has been made affordable by an extra £7.1 billion in government funding over the next three academic years.

Speaking on the decision Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson said, “Inspirational teachers change millions of lives by giving our children the drive and desire to learn, and reforms to teacher training, early career support and teachers’ pay are key to the government’s plans to improve school standards.”

The STRB has also recommended introducing advisory pay points on the main and upper pay range to support schools in adopting a pay structure that supports both recruitment and retention.

General Secretary of Teachers’ union NASUWT, Dr Patrick Roach said that pay levels played an essential role in making teaching a more attractive profession.

However, he also added, “It will be a disappointment that the government’s proposals on teachers’  pay do not provide experienced teachers with the increased rewards they also deserve and does not do enough to redress the 18% real-terms decline in levels of teachers’ pay over the past decade.”