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King Felipe VI Of Spain Renounces His Father’s Ill-Gotten Wealth

17 March 2020

Although Spain’s King Felipe VI has announced that he will not accept the fortune of his predecessor and father Juan Carlos I due to the unlawful manner in which it was amassed, some members of the Spanish government still believe that King Felipe VI should do more.

Carlos Sanchez Mato, a member of the country’s ‘United Left Party’ spoke out against the King’s recent announcement accusing him of not renouncing his “entire inheritance.”

According to Mato, King Felipe VI received “millions of euros in shady funds around the world” as well as the role of “Head of State” from his father Juan Carlos I before he abdicated the throne in 2014, both of which the King is yet to denounce.

However, in the statement from the royal household it was shared that King Felipe VI would forfeit any and all financial gain that “may be inconsistent with the law or the standards of honesty and integrity which govern his institutional and private activities and should inform the activities of the crown.”

Spain’s former King, Juan Carlos I, had to abdicate the throne due to numerous scandals surrounding his corrupt behaviour during his reign as the ruler of the country leaving King Felipe VI with the task of keeping the monarchy intact.


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