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KFC is Searching For A Chicken Taster And Here’s what You need To Know Concerning The Role…

29 February 2020

A major error that occurred at one of KFC’s franchises could result in you becoming the new face of the Kentucky brand.

KFC is currently scrambling to fix its image and distract the world from a recent story that went viral concerning one of its outlets.

After KFC introduced its new plant-based burger which replaces the standard chicken fillet with a Quorn fillet and mayonnaise with a vegan alternative, one unlucky vegan customer made his way to a Clifton franchise hoping to try out the new burger, only to have his dietary commitment violated due to negligence.

Nic Kent, who had been a strict vegan for the past 5 years, ordered the plant-based burger on the 5th of January, two days after it was introduced.

The KFC restaurant Nic visited prepared the meal and delivered to him in the Zero Chicken Burger box as per the standard procedure.

However, when Nic returned home anxious to taste KFC’s new meal he was soon disappointed by what he had received.

Nic stated that after realizing that the KFC burger wasn’t the Zero Chicken Burger that he had ordered it made him “sick.”

In response to the event KFC apologized and gave Nic a refund.

Fast-forward to today and KFC has launched a new ad searching for a professional chicken taster that will also become the face of the franchise’s next campaign.

The Kentucky food franchise stated that “one lucky fan will get the chance to tuck into some of Kentucky’s finest, winging their way to stardom as the face of the chicken legend’s latest campaign.”

To qualify for the experience that will see you take part in a photoshoot for KFC, with your photograph then being showcased in a KFC restaurant and on a billboard, KFC simply asks that you tweet KFC with one reason why you deserve the role, or as the advertisement calls it, the “finger-lickin’-ternship.”

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