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Juventus Will Not Pay Its First Team For The Next 4 Months

30 March 2020

In keeping with the spirit of helping which is occurring all around the world, Juventus’ football players and coaching staff have chosen to forgo their wages in order to alleviate some of the financial strain that the club should be experiencing.

The Italian football season was suspended on March 9 and appears unlikely to resume on April 3. Given that Italy is currently the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the suspension of the season could be indefinite.

Italy is fast approaching 100,000 reported coronavirus cases; only the United States has more. The country however has the most deaths due to the virus with over 10,000, and increasing.

According to Juventus, the club’s suspension of pay will last for the next four months depending on the decision made by the Italian Football Federation regarding the continuation of the football season. The Italian Serie A leaders believe that this act of generosity from its first team players as well as their coach will enable the club to save over $100 million.

Should the season resume, however, Juventus has stated that players will be compensated.


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