Jeff Bezos (Photo: Jim Watson / AFP / East News)

Jeff Bezos Loses his title as the Richest Person in the World

At least just for the moment Jeff Bezos is no longer the world’s richest person

The retail giant’s net worth dropped by $760 million to $115.6 billion due to 0.7% dip in Amazon shares today.

The Earth’s new richest person albeit not for the first time is now Bernard Arnault who is the chief executive of luxury goods behemoth LVMH.

According to Forbes, ‘Arnault gained $1.9 billion in net worth on Friday as LVMH stock edged up by 0.7%. The Frenchman is currently worth $117 billion, up from $102 billion when he graced the cover of Forbes less than four months ago.’

Arnault saw his personal wealth soar in the previous year. He surpassed Bill Gates and has recently been interchanging the title for the World’s most wealthy man with Bezos.

Bill Gates, however, would’ve been wealthier than both Bezos and Arnault if he hadn’t donated over $35 Billion USD over the past years.