Merkel Contributor

Japan’s former Capital is struggling to Attract Tourists

In an effort to return tourists to what was one of the most populous sites, shopkeepers in Kyoto, Japan, have launched an “empty tourism campaign.”

The campaign features store merchants from five shopping streets in the Arashiyama neighbourhood. These merchants are looking to lure customers in by highlighting the opportunities that’re available due to the current emptiness of the area.

The merchants’ “suitemasu Arashiyama (empty Arashiyama in English)” campaign is enticing travellers with the opportunity of having the all of the most popular and picturesque spots to themselves.

There’re images of four popular tourist sites, each imprinted with a quirky message, that have been created for the campaign.

One poster shows a monkey with the caption: “It’s been a while since there were more monkeys than humans.” Underneath, there’s a photo of Togetsukyo Bridge — normally crowded with Instagrammers — with no tourists about.

Arashiyama has for a long time been a location that attracted tourists in the thousands daily, however, due to constant fear of contracting the Coronavirus tourists have stopped visiting the area and it’s become empty.