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Italy Is Under Lockdown

10 March 2020

Italy’s inability to be proactive or act swiftly when dealing with the coronavirus’s presence within its borders has led to the country scrambling to establish viable solutions for its initial negligence.

On Monday during a press conference the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the latest extreme measure the country would be taking to reduce the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Italy.

The Prime Minister stated that the entire country would be placed under lockdown extending the policies that had been enforced in Northern Italy, the region with the highest presence of the virus, to the country as a whole.

Hence, as of the Prime Minister’s statement, “all the measures of the red zones are now extended to all of the national territory.”

Italy, which is currently facing the greatest challenge when dealing with the coronavirus in Europe, has had over 9,172 confirmed cases and has suffered over 463 deaths due to the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Conte is hoping that the recent policies implemented will aid in the protection of Italian citizens and ensure that the spread of the virus can be controlled.

Italian sports events throughout the entire country have also been suspended as a result of the Prime Minister’s statement.

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