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Italian Football Club, AS Roma, Taking Care Of Those In Rome

29 March 2020

Italian football club, AS Roma, is doing its part for its supporters by providing them with care packages during this difficult period.

The football club from the Italian capital has been visiting its most vulnerable season ticket holders and sharing its emergency ‘Roma Cares’ packages with them.

The ‘Roma Cares’ packages consist of some pasta, a packet of biscuits, a bottle of beer, 10 surgical face masks and pairs of protective gloves and five bottles of hand sanitizer, as well as that day’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport.

Roma’s care packages, however, are a minor contribution when compared with the club’s upcoming generous donations. The club has raised over half of a million euros, which it aims to put towards coronavirus relief efforts.

Furthermore, Roma will be purchasing three ventilators and eight intensive care beds for a hospital in the capital. The ventilators and intensive care beds will arrive courtesy of the football club’s players and coaching staff.


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