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Ireland Order Schools and Universities To Suspend Their Lessons To Contain Coronavirus Spread

12 March 2020

The Republic Of Ireland is attempting to be proactive in dealing the spread of the coronavirus within its borders.

The nation’s Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, announced on Thursday that the country would be introducing new measures and policies to deal with the coronavirus pandemic whilst it isn’t yet rife in the country.

Schools, colleges as well as childcare facilities have been forced to close by the Prime Minister beginning on Friday.

Events taking place around the country that were meant to involve upwards of 500 people outdoors or involve more than 100 people indoors have also been cancelled in order to contain the spread of the virus.

The Prime Minister did state however that the public transport systems as well as some stores would remain operational regardless of the virus’s presence. Locals were also requested to reduce their social interactions during this period.

The measures being introduced by the Prime Minister arrive a day after the country recorded its first death due to the virus.

According to Varadkar the government and the country’s people “have to move now to have the greatest impact.”

The Republic of Ireland’s government is taking the same approach as many other European countries in dealing with the virus.

The nation will quarantine its people to create time for the production of a solution before a majority of the population gets infected, as stated by the Prime Minister during his announcement.

“The virus is all over the world. It will continue to spread but it can be slowed. Its impact can be reduced, making it easier for our health service to cope and give our scientists more time to develop better testing, treatments and a vaccine.”

The Republic Of Ireland currently has 43 reported cases of the virus.


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