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Iranian Minister Calls Out Other Countries For Their Lack Of Transparency

06 March 2020

Since the coronavirus outbreak Iran has faced doubt and skepticism from other nations after it reported 3,513 cases and 107 deaths.

Iran’s oil minister however recently struck out against the lack of transparency that other countries have been showing regarding the impact and presence of the coronavirus in their countries.

Bijan Namdar Zangeneh has refused to believe that certain countries, for example, Turkey and North Korea have yet to announce the infection of a single individual within their borders.

On Friday morning minister Zangeneh stated, “I believe that we are announcing and declaring our situation and some countries don’t say anything about their situation.”

US sanctions on Iranian goods and services have only increased the challenges that the country is facing.

Iran is currently unable to access vital food and medicine to care for the sick within its borders; no other country has tried to assist Iran in any way.

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