Instagram Has New IGTV Feature Coming For Creators

18 April 2020

Instagram is taking full advantage of the current situation that’s been caused by the coronavirus pandemic. With everyone stuck in-doors and in need of entertainment, the apps developers have been introducing new features to increase Instagram’s usage and appeal.

Since global lockdowns began Instagram’s usage has increased drastically. One feature in particular that has seen major appeal is Instagram’s ‘Live’ feature, which allows users to share what they’re doing in real-time with their followers.

Instagram recently shared that its ‘Live’ feature’s usage has gone up by 70 percent; in the US alone. Due to the ‘Live’ feature’s current success, Instagram is now testing a new feature that will see users’ Live videos last longer than the current 24 hours.

The new feature will allow for users to immediately post their Instagram Live videos as IGTV posts upon their completion. If posted, the Live video will be available on users’ profiles for those who weren’t part of the live video to experience it.

Instagram has also recently updated its standalone IGTV app to better promote creators, and it also gave people the ability to tease their IGTV content in their stories.


Bongu Simelane

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