Merkel Contributor

A Potential Feature On Instagram Could Lead To More People Seeing Your Posts

It might not yet be official however ongoing tests appear to imply that chronological timelines will be returning to the Instagram platform.

The chronological view feature appeared via a Twitter post by one of Instagram’s app developers, Jane Manchun Wong. In the images Wong posted the feature appeared to pop up over the main feed upon her opening the app.

Instagram users will have a choice between “get caught up” or “not now” regarding the presentation of their timeline.

Opting for “get caught up” will direct users to a new zone that shows the latest feed from their network, the latest photos, videos or IGTV posts.

Choosing “Not Now” will lead to users receiving the standard timeline that is based on the current Instagram algorithm.

In another tweet, this time from a member of the Instagram communications team, it was clarified that the feature “is not available to anyone publicly.”

Unfortunately for those who might appreciate the introduction of this feature, Instagram “have no plans to test or launch it at this time” and the current Instagram algorithm based on interactions with users within a specific timeframe will remain.