Merkel Contributor

How Much Is Online Privacy Really Worth To You?

The Mozilla software community, which is responsible for the creation of the Firefox browser, will be bringing its VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) service to both Android and Windows 10.

This invite-only app will be available for $4.99 per month during its beta testing phase, however, depending on how much you value your online privacy that might be a fair price.

Mozilla have made a vow to customers that their VPN service would not allow logging. To ensure they remain true this vow, their new VPN will be powered by Mullvad VPN which claims to have a no logging policy.

Firefox’s private network will also utilize the newer WireGuard standard which most VPN’s don’t support. The WireGuard standard is designed to offer a higher level of encryption as well as operate at a faster pace.

The private network will be available for use on up to 5 separate devices simultaneously.

Mozilla currently has servers in over 30 countries and has plans to continue expanding and establishing servers in different countries and regions over time.