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Health Concerns Lead To An Empty Tokyo Marathon, What Does This Mean For The Olympics?

04 March 2020

This year’s Tokyo marathon truly paled in comparison to those that have occurred over the past years.

The marathon which usually attracts tens of thousands of participants and supporters failed to achieve the same feat for its 14th edition.

Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus, marathon organizers had projected that this year’s edition of the Tokyo marathon would attract 38,000 participants.  

However, amid coronavirus concerns in the country marathon participants were limited to solely elite runners and wheelchair athletes.

Roughly 200 people participated in this year’s marathon, which equates to slightly more than 0.5% of the projected participants prior to the coronavirus. This figure alone speaks volumes concerning the influence of the recent epidemic.

Currently the Olympic Games, which are meant to take place in Tokyo beginning in August, are being assessed and could be cancelled if safety concerns continue to arise.

Japan has already lost 6 people due to the coronavirus and has upwards of 250 reported cases of the illness.

Hosting an event such as the Olympics which attracts millions of spectators would increase the odds of the virus spreading to more people as well as even further throughout the world.

Unless a solution is found or a vaccine introduced it appears highly likely that the Olympic Games will be called-off this year.

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