Merkel Contributor

Harley Davidson Release A Limited Edition Fat Boy For 30th Anniversary

To celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the Fat Boy Harley Davidson have released an all-black limited edition version of the bike.

There’re a few changes that have been made for the limited edition of the Fat Boy. 

The first is the completely blacked out paint job, the Milwaukee-Eight 114 (1,870cc) large twin-engine, LED lighting and 2-into-2 staggered exhausts that’re painted matte black.   

The Limited Edition Fat Boy will maintain its use of Harley’s widest factory tire, its signature steamroller stance with solid disc Lakester wheels wrapped with a 160mm tire up front and a 240mm tire in the rear.

According to the bike manufacturer there will only be 2,500 bikes made for the 30th year anniversary. The limited edition bike will set its buyers back by a cool $21,949 USD. 

Orders are available on the Harley Davidson page.