Courtesy of Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Enters A New Motorcycle Industry

The motorcycle world’s most notable manufacturer is set to join the ADV industry towards the end of this year.

Harley Davidson has ventured into multiple industries over the past years. The release of their first electric motorcycle dubbed the “LiveWire” is a testament to their constant evolution.

However, in the company’s 116 years of existence it comes as a shock that the first Harley Davidson adventure motorcycle is only being released this year.

Harley Davidson has named the latest instalment to its line the “Pan America.”

The new motorcycle is in abundance of power, utilizing the brand’s newest V-twin liquid-cooled Revolution Max 1,250 cc engine, pushing out a whopping 140 horsepower and upward of 90 pound-feet of torque.

Pan America’s Wisconsin-made on- and off-road capability is designed to let riders tackle all sorts of terrain.

Harley Davidson got Brembo and Michelin to team up with H-D to work on the brakes and tires, respectively, all to make sure these vital components were optimized for this ADV’s skill set.

For more on this motorcycle head over to the Harley Davidson website.