Google Set To Introduce Its Own Smart Card

19 April 2020

A recent report from TechCrunch has shared that Google is currently testing its own Google-branded smart debit card which is meant to serve as the core of its Google Pay service.

With the introduction of the smart debit card, Google is hoping the system will help customers make as well as track purchases that’ve been made online and in stores.

Furthermore, the use of the card could provide Google with valuable insight on consumer spending in order for them to tailor more specific content and deals for consumers.

Payments with Google’s smart debit card will be made either physically with the use of the card or via the tap-to-pay digital card feature on a phone.

For safety purposes Google has come up with two main measures. The first of the two measures is that card owners will be provided with a different virtual card number by Google which will be used for online retailers.

The second safety measure is that if a Google card holder loses their card they can immediately lock it or lock their entire account.   

Currently, Google’s smart debit card is a VISA card.


Bongu Simelane

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