Fortnite Has Announced The Next Performer For Its Virtual Concerts

21 April 2020

Travis Scott’s upcoming virtual concert will be the second major in-game concert on Fortnite following Marshmello’s in February.

Marshmello’s concert had an attendance of 10.7 million people, which EPIC stated made it the biggest in-game event in Fortnite’s history. Travis Scott’s concert (or better yet, concerts) will differ from Marshmello’s and will be more of a tour than a concert.

The event has been named ‘Astronomical’ and will take place over 3 separate days, from April 23 to 25. The dates and times based on location will be as follows:

April 23rd; The Americas, 7PM ET

April 24th: EU & ME, 10AM ET

April 25th: Asia & Oceania, 12AM ET

April 25th: EU & ME, 11AM ET

April 25th: The Americas, 6PM ET

To add to the event Fortnite will introduce a new Travis Scott skin, along with emotes and other items. From today Fortnite is also introducing a set of new Astronomical in-game challenges in anticipation for the event.


Bongu Simelane

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