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Former Google Employee Ordered To Pay The Company $179 million

05 March 2020

Anthony Levandowski, the founder of the autonomous vehicle startup company Otto, is being ordered to pay Google $179 million to settle a dispute over his departure from the company.

Levandowski apparently violated a clause in the contract he signed with Google when he began his own company named Otto.

According to the San Francisco County court Levandowski along with his partner Lior Ron were guilty of engaging in unfair competition. When they began their own autonomous vehicle company focused on trucking which would rival Google’s, the pair infringed on their contractual agreement.

Since the decision, Levandowski has filed for bankruptcy, complaining that the amount being requested from him exceeds the worth of his assets.  

Lior Ron, however, reached a settlement of $9.7 million with Google in February after he acknowledged his guilt.  


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