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Facebook Face Legal Action From The Australian Privacy Regulator

09 March 2020

Facebook will be facing legal action from the Australian Privacy Regulator after the nations Information Commissioner launched a suit against the company for violating Australian privacy laws.

Angelene Falk, the Australian Information Commissioner, launched her suit which accuses Facebook of “serious and/or repeated interferences with privacy in contravention of Australian privacy law.”

The suit launched on Monday is due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The scandal saw Facebook come under fire for disclosing its user’s information with a third party (Cambridge Analytica). The information was then manipulated to influence crucial political events around 2016.

Cambridge Analytica reportedly acquired the information of 50 million users from a paid psychological test that users undertook for the “This Is Your Digital Life” Facebook app.

However, Angelene Falk’s submission doesn’t target 50 million users instead it alleges that upwards of 300,000 users’ private information was disclosed.

Furthermore, the submission claims that the accounts in question (those from “This Is Your Digital Life”) were likely to have been accessible by Cambridge Analytica for manipulation.

According’s to Falk’s submission Facebook faces legal action due to its negligence in its handling of its user’s private data.  

If found to be guilty of violating Australian privacy laws Facebook could face a fine of up to $1.1 million for each violation of its users’ private data.  

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