Christophe Archambault/AFP via Getty Images

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier Announces His Retirement

After a 50-year career in the fashion industry one of the most iconic designers, Jean Paul Gaultier, has announced his retirement from the runway.

The news came after Gaultier announced a major 50th-anniversary haute couture show, which will take place at the Théatre du Châtelet on January 22 during Paris Fashion Week.

The 67 year clothing designer made his announcement over a Twitter video on Friday.

After sharing the details about the upcoming show Gaultier stated “Now I’m going to share something with you”… “This will be my last haute couture show, my last Gaultier Paris show. Be there, you can’t miss it.”

However, regardless of Gaultier’s departure the Gaultier Paris show will continue.

 “Stay tuned, Gaultier Paris will go on, the haute couture continues,” he said in the video announcement. 

“I have a new concept, I’ll tell you all about it later, all the little secrets. To be continued.”

Paris fashion week will run from 20-23 of January this week.