Photograph courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Bongumusa Simelane


01 February 2020

Delta Airline Attendants To Sue Boeing Over “Toxic” Air

The latest instalment to Boeing’s troubles is seeing Delta Airline’s flight attendants sue the company following an incident where they claim “toxic” air flowed into the cabin during a flight.

The lawsuit alleges that the aircraft’s bleed air system, which takes air from the engines to feed the aircraft’s air conditioning system and pressurize the aircraft, was responsible for the event and Boeing as the manufacturer is at-fault.

According to the Tribune, the flight attendants that filed the lawsuit in Chicago this past Tuesday will be requesting $50,000 in damages related to the incident and a trial by jury with the Cook County Circuit Court.

It’s alleged that the event in question occurred during a flight to Detroit, Michigan, from Frankfurt, Germany. Reports from the AvHerald stated that the Delta crew noticed decreasing air quality while in the middle of the transatlantic crossing.

The bleed air that is taken from engines is supposed to be clean air, but potentially leaks in the engine can cause contamination, Inc reported. 

An aircraft’s engines are constantly sucking in air as it’s required to produce thrust, making them an ideal source for cabin air when functioning properly.