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Cases Of Domestic Violence In South Africa Have Decreased During Covid-19 Lockdown

24 May 2020

South Africa recorded a 68% decrease in the number of Domestic Violence cases as of 22 May 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. The Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, confirmed the statistic while addressing the nation in Pretoria, the country’s Capital City.

“If we compare the period 27 March to 21 May 2019 with the lockdown period from 27 March to 19 May 2020, there is a sharp decrease from 21,033 in 2019, to 6,651 cases of domestic violence during the lockdown”, General Bheki Cele shared.

In South Africa, domestic violence refers to incidents such as sexual assault, rape, pointing of a firearm, murder, attempted murder, assault and assault GBH, kidnapping, and in such instances, the victim and suspect usually have or had a relationship. Minister Bheki Cele implied that some of the suspects in these cases are uncles, former spouses, wives and girlfriends, husbands, fathers, partners, siblings, etc. 

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During the Minister’s announcement, he welcomed a life sentence imprisonment of a former police captain, after he was found to be guilty of raping his then 10-year old grand-daughter, 18 years ago.

The former captain was recently judged guilty of committing the heinous crime in 2002 by the Sterkspruit Regional Court.

Today marks the 58th day since the implementation of a Lockdown in South Africa. The country has been easing its lockdown measures in phases, since 1 May, South Africa has been in the fourth of its five-phase plan to re-open its economy entirely.

The lockdown was initially implemented on the 26th of March with the intention to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. It was executed following the first case of Covid-19 that was reported on 05 March 2019.