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Burger King Seem To Be Going Fully Organic

20 February 2020

On Wednesday, Burger King released an ad for its new, preservative-free Whopper and it’s fair to say the manner in which the franchise made the announcement was quite peculiar. 

The 45 second TV commercial featured the 1959 hit song “What a Difference a day Makes” by Dina Washington in the background, whilst one of Burger King’s whoppers were slowly taken over by fungus over the course of 34 days.

After the 34th day when the whopper is covered in mold and fungus, the ads tagline is displayed on the screen, “the beauty of no artificial preservatives.”

Burger Kings ad campaign is meant to showcase the franchises transition towards providing a menu without artificial preservatives and additives.

The burger franchise chose to do without the food colourants that most restaurants use to entice viewers and bring them to their counters before their advertisements reach their ends.

This particular ad doesn’t mark the beginning of Burger Kings transition however. A majority of the franchises restaurants in Europe had already been using healthier and organic ingredients.

McDonald’s (MCD), Burger King, and Wendy’s (WEN) are the three largest burger chains in the United States.

McDonald’s stopped using preservatives in some of its burger ingredients in 2018, two years after removing antibiotics from its chicken supply chain. Wendy’s did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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