Protesters have gathered to demonstrate against George Floyd’s death for over a week. Photograph: Evan Vucci, AP


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Bail Funds Are Receiving Millions From Donations To Free Protesters

03 June 2020

Ongoing protests throughout the United States following the death of George Floyd, an African-American citizen, have led to several bail funds receiving millions of dollars’ worth of donations to help free imprisoned protesters.

Wealthy individuals throughout America have been making hefty donations towards bail funds and challenging their peers to do the same.

The Weeknd, Drake, Chrissy Teigen, Ryan Reynalds, Blake Lively, and Rihanna are but a few celebrities that have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars towards assisting protesters.

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With his donation of half of a million dollars, The Weeknd contributed to 3 separate organizations that are protesting for equality and justice. $200,000 USD went to Colin Kaepernick’s ‘Know Your Rights’ Campaign, another $200,000 USD went to the Black Lives Matter Global Network and the remaining $100,000 went to the National Bail Out.

Similarly, ordinary everyday citizens have donated towards freeing protesters by giving what they can.    

According to a report by the New York Times, between Wednesday, May 27, and Monday, June 1, The Minneapolis Freedom Fund received $20 million in donations.

Additionally, CNBC reported that during a conversation with 21-year-old activist, Lucy Morgan, who is assisting with the accumulation of money to free protesters, Lucy shared that one organization had “Received more donations than it could use for the foreseeable future.”

Today, marks the ninth consecutive day of protests in the United States.


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