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Are The French Acting Too Late?

13 March 2020

With France currently having the second highest number of reported coronavirus cases in Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron has called for the immediate shut down of all schools, and requested solidarity between nations in dealing with the coronavirus’s impact.

Although relatively late to enforce its policy on schools given the number of cases that’ve been reported thus far, the French President still believes that if the country backs businesses at “whatever the cost” it can reduce the impact of the coronavirus.

The French currently have 2,284 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with the number set to only increase as time goes.

Macron went on to request that countries remain united in their pursuit for a treatment. During his address he stated, “Being divided won’t allow us to respond to what’s a global crisis.”

Prior to the French President’s announcement, US President, Donald Trump, had called for the cancellation of travel between the US and 26 European countries, more specifically those that’re in the Schengen area.

President Macron and President Trump are meant to speak on Friday.  


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