Apple Shares The Latest macOS Update

19 April 2020

A new feature for Apple’s Macbooks is currently being tested before its release on the macOS Catalina 10.15.5 update.

Apple has shared that the upcoming feature will be called “Battery Health Management” and its purpose will be to extend battery life by altering the way Macbooks charge.

Given that charging a battery fully places a lot of strain on it which then leads to a rapid reduction in its longevity over time, Apple’s default feature will ensure that laptop batteries aren’t charged up until the end.

What this means is that although the laptop shows that it’s charged fully, it actually hasn’t and has only stopped at a point that will ensure the maximization of the battery’s lifespan.

According to the Verge, “Apple is being strategic in how it targets who will be affected by this change.”

“It’s using your MacBook’s on-device history of charging and battery temperature to determine if your battery lifespan could be significantly extended by this feature.”

The next version of macOS is expected to arrive in June.


Bongu Simelane

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